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The SME Knowledge Gap for PPC

We saw in a earlier blog that SMEs are enamoured with SEO and that they are often using Organic Social Media, but they seem less interested in...

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The Cost Conscious SME

A marketing campaign is, of course, useless if it does not produce a good Return on Investment (ROI). ...

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How relevant is digital marketing to small businesses

There were a record  5.2 million private sector businesses at the start of 2014, the first time the business population has exceeded 5 million. This...

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Unpicking PPC myths

PPC advertising on Google Adwords and BingAds is now an established marketing channel for both small and large businesses alike however our recent...

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How Small Businesses perceive different digital marketing channels

During a recent survey we asked UK SMEs their thoughts on digital marketing and their perception of the different marketing channels. ...

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