SMEs are looking to invest more into digital marketing




There is a general consensus that small businesses have been slow to embrace new technology and the digital era. However, we believe that is changing, as small businesses are now flourishing and are using the more available digital marketing channels. Some small businesses are focusing on social media and are building a large and loyal fan bases whereas others are investing in SEO or PPC etc.

During the recent “The Digital SME 2015 report ” we asked small business if they were currently using digital marketing channels.  We then asked if they plan or would consider using those channels in the future. 

The chart below highlights the interesting results we found.



Digital SME Spend

Email and organic social are currently the most used channels however SEO should exceed that in the future.

All channels showed an uplift in uptake going forward, validating the overall trends that SMEs are embracing digital more each passing year.

The channels which are showing the greatest uplift are display and paid social at 205%.

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