How Small Businesses perceive different digital marketing channels


During a recent survey we asked UK SMEs their thoughts on digital marketing and their perception of the different marketing channels.

The results allow us to compare Organic social, SEO, PPC and Paid social agaisnt each other and enables us to build more tailored products and help tackle some channel specific concerns whilst selling digital marketing to SMEs.

Based on the survey results we can assume that Small Business view SEO as a great channel. Therefore if you sell digital marketing to small businesses then we would highly recommend researching your client base and offering them a suitable and effective SEO solution in the near future. Your SME clients will see this product as a great value add in helping their business succeed and grow.

You may also notice that PPC received quite a low score for most questions. If you sell PPC (SEM) to your clients this insight can be used to help tailor your sales script so that these challenges can be overcome and managed in the sales process. Further insights into the market challenges for PPC will covered in a future blog. Stay tuned for an update.



Easiest digital marketing channel

Easy Understand

Here you can see that organic social and SEO are scored the highest. I find it surprising that SEO is ranked second as it is a very technical and difficult subject. There may be an element of education required here as some SMEs may not fully appreciate or be aware of the advanced elements within an SEO campaign.

Organic was ranked as the easiest channel. Therefore if you provide organic social solutions to SMEs then it is likely that you will need to provide additional value add elements to your proposition in order for the SME to appreciate why they should pay you rather than just doing it themselves. A best practice approach, improved ROI and Time saving being most obvious benefit when selling organic social solutions.



Best channel for lead generation

leads quality2

Search marketing covering both paid and organic (SEO) clicks are considered to best channels for driving the highest quality and volume of leads. SEO leads both categories with a huge 51% share of the votes.


Best channel for building brand awareness


In comparison with the lead generation charts above, the SMEs we surveyed ranked SEO and Organic social as the best channel for raising brand/company awareness.


Best value for your time

Value time

SEO and Organic social are ranked the highest for best value for money. This is probably due to that this traffic is free. You do not need an advertising budget for a cost per click model. However are SMEs considering the value of their own time? An hour spent on organic social or SEO might be better spent delivering their core business/service whilst getting Social/SEO support from an expert consultant/agent. For more insights into this topic please read Cedric Chambaz (BingAds) thoughts around this point with his recent blog on State of Digital


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